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Certificated Highlights


New Hire Information

All of our employees must have fingerprint and TB clearances prior to being on campus. Salary placement is based on post BA semester units and verification of previous relevant experience. New hires are required to submit undergraduate and graduate official transcripts verifying units and degree(s). Verification of experience for appropriate placement on the salary schedule must also be verified by your previous employer(s). In order to receive credit for a year of teaching experience, you must complete at least 75% of the school year with a valid teaching credential. Accumulated sick leave from past employment with California public schools can be transferred as well.


TB Testing

All employees must have current negative TB tests on file. A new test is required every 4 years.  The expiration due date for individual TB tests is included on every employee’s assignment memo mailed home in July.


New hires must provide proof of a negative TB test taken within the last  60 days.


Mandated Reporting

All of our employees are required to complete an online Mandated Reporter training course every school year within the first six weeks from start date. You will receive an email from Keenan Safe Schools Training directing you to their website to complete the training. Once you receive the email, you will have six weeks from your hire date to complete both the policy course and the mandated reporting course. The approximate time investment for you is 40 minutes.


Vacation and Sick Leave

Full-time employees who work less than 12 months do not receive vacation. Employees will receive one day of sick leave each month of work (e.g., 10-month employees will receive 10 days per school year of sick leave) for use of personal illness or injury. Less than full-time employees will receive a portion of the ten days. Unused sick leave will accumulate from school year to school year. Every employee is entitled to use up to 7 days of accumulated sick leave during a school year for  personal necessity (family illness, death in family, accidental injury to person or property, appearance in court, observance of religious holiday or otherwise situations out of the employee’s control). Five of these days may be used for other pressing personal business with certain restrictions. Please refer to the SSFCTA Bargaining Agreement for additional information regarding leaves in general.


General Information

For credentialing issues or employee issues, please contact Human Resource at 650-877-8725 or pcampbell@ssfusd.org. For questions regarding payroll, sick leave balance and benefits, please contact Payroll & Benefits at 650-877-8728 or mtolentino@ssfusd.org.


  "A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”