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District English Learner Advisory Committee


District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC)

Since there are 51 or more English Learners in this district, there is a functioning District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC).

DELAC Purpose, Functions and Responsibilities


The purpose of this committee is to advise the Board of Education in matters pertaining to the District and its educational programs for language minority students, with particular attention to the establishment of the District English Learner Program and its policies, goals and objectives. Specifically:

  • Advise on the development, revision, and implementation of the District Master Plan for the English Learner Program including creation of a timeline for its implementation.
  • Review the EL Master Plan.
  • Review a district-wide English Learner needs assessment conducted at sites or in the district.
  • Be informed of the annual language census and advise on requests to use alternative instruments and/or procedures.

1. Review and comment on the following:

  • Written notification to parents of English Learners, fluent English-proficient, and English only pupils of initial enrollment required in Education Code section 4308(b).
  • District language proficiency reclassification procedures
  • The administration of the language assessment program
  • Other standards and procedures within the programs for English Learners
  • Assist the District in publicizing parent education programs.

2. Review ongoing evaluation and progress reports from the District.

3. Review categorical budgets, including appropriate use of funds and supplemental services to address the identified needs of EL and RFEP students


In addition, to the above, the committee can perform duties that may be assigned to it by the Board of Education and make recommendations that the committee feels to be appropriate and of benefit to the language minority students of the District.


District Responsibilities for Implementing DELAC

The district provides appropriate materials and training in order to assist members in carrying out their legal advisory responsibilities.

Support provided to the DELAC includes:

  • Publication of the agenda and calendar, meeting notices, arrangements for meetings, preparation of minutes, and all communications pertaining to the DELAC
  • Collaborating with DELAC members or elected officers to develop a calendar for the school year and to plan agendas to ensure that the DELAC meets at least 6 times per year and operates according to guidelines contained in this document

DELAC Membership

  • All schools should have at least 1 DELAC representative
  • Members are selected by their school site by October of each school year and serve a minimum of one year beginning with the next meeting of DELAC
  • Members of the DELAC will assist the District and sites in recruiting new members to the DELAC, if necessary
  • Membership may include school staff and community members, but community members and school staff together should constitute fewer in number than parents of English learners