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Classification Study F.A.Q.

Classification Study 2016

In January 2016, the South San Francisco Unified School District Initiated a Classification and Compensation Study to cover all bargaining unit positions in the classified service.


What is a Classification and Compensation Study?

The current Classification and Compensation Study (the Study) is a multi-phase process that began in early 2016. The goal is to align job descriptions with the current roles and responsibilities of classified employees and conduct a market analysis of compensation in similar or like jobs in other districts.


Why conduct a District-wide Classification and Compensation Study?

Our ability to recruit and retain a high quality workforce starts with clear and carefully developed job descriptions that reflect the scope of work for every classification.  An efficient and effective organization needs logically constructed job families that link and build positions upon each other, and in some cases, demonstrate career ladders within particular kinds of work.


The roles and responsibilities of employees, the skill sets, and working conditions and environments change over time with technological and organizational advances.


How will the Study be conducted?

Ewing Consulting Services has been hired to conduct the Study.  Mr. Ewing has provided consulting services to over 160 school districts, 40 community college districts, 30 county offices of education and a number of other organizations during his 28+ years providing human resource consulting services.


Every employee in the classified service is being asked to fill out a Position Information Questionnaire (online version). A printable Word version is also available here for completion by hand: Position Information Questionnaire is available in Word format here.


If you were unable to attend one of the employee information meetings on March 8 or 9, you can see the 40 minute presentation here: Classification Study Participant Training


The Study being conducted by Mr. Ewing and his staff is divided into ten phases:


Phase 1-4  The three main sources for collecting the data and information needed to develop current job descriptions for our classified service are: 1) The Position Information Questionnaires (PIQs) that each classified employee is asked to complete, 2) Interviews of at least one employee in each position classification, and 3) Review and analysis of the current job descriptions and salary schedules.


Phase 5-6  Resulting job description drafts will be vetted by our staff and administration to verify that the descriptions accurately capture the work being performed.  An appeal process will be in place to address issues raised by staff or administrators.


Phase 7-8  Once the job descriptions are finalized, Ewing will conduct a market analysis to determine how South San Francisco Unified School District compares with regard to pay for like services in other comparable and neighboring districts.


Phase 9-10  Mr. Ewing and his team will allocate all employees to a class and recommend a pay for that class.  The findings will be presented in a final report to the Commission, Cabinet and to appropriate administrators.  We estimate that Ewing will conclude the study by August.


Whom will the Study impact?

All classified employees are expected to take part in the study by completing the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ).  Although not every job description will require significant changes, every classification will be reviewed and modified as needed.  At the completion of the Study, all classified positions will have job descriptions that accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of the position.



Here are the new preliminary job descriptions from Ewing Consultants (August 15, 2016)

Links to all classified position job descriptions are included below:




Ewing Consultants Job Description Recommendations
3/27/18 9:35 PM
3/27/18 9:35 PM
3/27/18 9:35 PM
3/27/18 9:35 PM

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the Study?

There are several people involved in the Classification and Compensation Study.  A group of district personnel are serving as the Classification Study Committee.  The Committee is comprised of:


Cynthia Benedetti, School Administrative Assistant I, Spruce Elementary

Walter Garcia, Custodian I, El Camino High School

Afsha Khan, Paraprofessional I – Special Education, South San Francisco High School

Yvette Mindeguia, Classified Human Resources Supervisor, Human Resources

Maggie Najarro, School Support Secretary I, Parkway Heights Middle School

Wences Paredes, Skilled Maintenance Worker, Facilities

Jay Spaulding, Interim Assistant Superintendent – Human Resources and Student Services



If you have questions about the Position Information Questionnaire, please contact your supervisor. You can also direct your questions to Jay Spaulding at or Yvette Mindeguia at or by telephone at 650-877-8735.