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Annual Notification

2019 - 2020 Employee Annual Notification 

The Human Resources Department of the South San Francisco Unified School District is required by law to communicate the following information and notifications to all employees on an annual basis. Please review all items listed below to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a District employee. We also require a signed acknowledgement to verify that all notices were received and read.

These policies will remain available on our website for you to revisit at any time. For a full listing and complete text of all our current Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, please visit SSFUSD Board Policies

Additionally, some notifications have a corresponding training requirement. Those have been marked with an asterisk. Step 3 below describes how to complete these required trainings.


Step 1: Click on the link for each notification and read



Professional Standards/Code of Ethics

E 4119.21 / 4219.21 / 4319.21

Oath or Affirmation

AR 4112.3 / 4212.3 / 4312.3

Nondiscrimination in Employment

BP 4030

Non-School Employment

BP 4136 / 4236 / 4336

Reasonable Accommodation

AR 4032

Work-Related Injuries

AR 4157.1 / 4257.1 / 4357.1

Employee Use of Technology

AR 4040

Sexual Harassment

AR 4119.11 / 4219.11 / 4319.11

Tobacco-Free Schools

BP 3513.3

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

BP 4020

Employee/Uniform Complaint Process

AR 4144 / 4244 / 4344

Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting*

AR 5141.4

Universal Precautions

AR 4119.43 / 4219.43 / 4319.43

Environmental Safety

AR 3514

Hazardous Substances

AR 3514.1

Integrated Pest Management*

AR 3514.2

Exposure Control Plan for Blood borne Pathogens*

AR 4119.42 / 4219.42 / 4319.42

Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions

AR 5141.21

Unauthorized Release of Confidential & Privileged Information

BP 4119.23 / 4219.23 / 4319.23

Step 2: Sign and submit Acknowledgement of Receipt

  • Print the Acknowledgement of Receipt Form
  • Completed form must include printed name, date, signature and school site or department
  • Return signed acknowledgement to the Human Resources Department no later than September 27, 2019 - attention Veronica Martinez
  • A copy of this acknowledgement form will be placed in your personnel file
  • If you have questions about the Annual Employee Notification information, please contact the HR Department at (650) 877-8735


Step 3: Annual Training Requirements

You will receive a training link via email during the week of August 13, 2018 for the following required trainings with steps on how to access and complete. For employees with no email or if you wish to complete training prior to receiving email link, you can access the training by clicking the link below:


Keenan Safe Schools


Internet Explorer web browser has limited functionality; Chrome or Firefox recommended.


Your username and password will be your employee (ID) number.  If you forgot or do not know your ID number, select “Forgot Login” on the SafeSchools welcome screen for assistance.


All trainings must be completed no later than September 27, 2019. While many employees will be able to complete the modules within their regular workdays and at their workstations, some employees may need assistance from the site or department supervisor to complete. The HR Department will have an all-day drop in computer lab open in the Board Room on September 5 and September 19 for those interested.


Required Training to Review by All Employees

1. Mandated Reporter Training (Required) – 39 minutes

Assembly Bill 1432 requires that all district employees complete a Mandated Reporter Training within the first 6 weeks of every school year and for each new hire within 6 weeks of their start date.

2. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Training (Required) – 24 minutes

Per Cal/OSHA Standards, all district employees must receive a bloodborne pathogens training once each year.

3. Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Training (Required every 2 years) - 60 minutes

Senate Bill 1343, mandates training every two years


Required Training to Review by All Employee using Disinfectant Wipes

1. Integrated Pest Management (Required if applicable) – 60 minutes

The State Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) requires that all school staff using disinfecting wipes and employees who apply or are exposed to pesticides during the course of work must participate in training to learn about the safe use of pesticides around children. This training is required annually.


For individuals that need to complete this training: 

1. Log-on to the Keenan site by selecting the link above. 

2. Select “Extra Training” tab at the top of screen and scroll down and select “Environmental” category

3. Select “Integrated Pest Management” CA version.

4. Watch video

5. Print certificate of completion and submit to Human Resources.


If you wish to view the catalogue of all other available free online training courses, click on this Keenan SafeSchools