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District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) exists in districts where more than 50% of students are classified as English language learners (ELL). Its purpose is to help shape the policies, goals, and objectives of the district's educational programs for ELL students by reviewing and commenting on:
  • Written notification to parents of their students' initial enrollment as an ELL, Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP), or English-only student as required in Education Code section 4308(b);
  • District language proficiency reclassification procedures;
  • Administration of the district's ELL and language assessment programs;
  • Ongoing evaluation and progress reports;
  • Categorical budgets including appropriate use of funds and supplemental services to address the needs of ELL and RFEP students;
  • Results of any district-wide assessments on the needs of ELL and RFEP students; and
  • Other standards and procedures pertaining to the ELL program.
Additionally, the DELAC can perform duties that may be assigned to it by the Board of Education and make recommendations appropriate and to the benefit of ELL and RFEP students. This includes: (1) Assisting the district in publicizing parent education programs and/or the annual language census and (2) Advising on the use of alternative instruments or procedures.   

DELAC Membership

All schools should have at least one (1) DELAC representative. Members are selected by their local school by October of each school year and serve a minimum of one (1) year beginning with the next meeting of DELAC.
DELAC members may include school staff and community members, but they must constitute a smaller number of committee members than the parents of ELL students.
If necessary, DELAC members may assist the district and schools in recruiting new committee members. 

SSFUSD Responsibilities

The district will provide appropriate materials and training in order to assist members in carrying out their legal advisory responsibilities including:
  • Publication of the DELAC agenda and calendar, meeting notices, meeting arrangements, preparation of minutes, and all communications pertaining to the DELAC; and
  • Developing a calendar for the school year and agendas in collaboration with DELAC members or elected officers to ensure that the committee meets at least 6 times per year and operates according to the guidelines outlined above.