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Emergency Procedures

South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) follows the Big Five Emergency protocols, a set of immediate action responses intended to be implemented quickly in a variety of emergency situations.
With 23 school districts and 20 law enforcement agencies across San Mateo County, it is essential to share common language and clear understandings of emergency response for our schools and communities. San Mateo County’s Big Five protocols provide this shared understanding and have become the cornerstone of emergency response for 90,000+ students in public and private school.
Developed in 2014 after a year-long stakeholder engagement process involving experts from education, law enforcement, fire, public health, government, and the community at large, the Big Five provides five immediate action responses for any emergency. These include Shelter in Place; Drop, Cover, and Hold On; Secure Campus; Lockdown/Barricade; and Evacuation.
Our schools conduct drills regularly, so that everyone knows what to do when an emergency occurs. The Big Five is also under constant review by the Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities Steering Committee. The Steering Committee not only meets monthly, but also analyzes emerging challenges and makes recommendations.
The Big Five Emergency Protocols Los Cinco Grandes Protocolos de Emergencia