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Technology Services

By integrating technology into the district's instructional program, South San Francisco Unified School District's (SSFUSD) seeks to strengthen students' knowledge of content and their capacity to think critically, so that they can become effective problem solvers.
SSFUSD's technology services department affirms the district's commitment to ensure that every child becomes a more effective consumer of information by developing appropriate infrastructure to support a robust instructional program through the maintenance and replacement of hardware and software.
SSFUSD has effectively wired all of its schools and virtually 100 percent of its classrooms, library media centers, and computer labs over the past five years.
Additionally, ever since COVID-19 forced the district to transition to distance learning on March 16, 2020, SSFUSD has supported students' educational needs through the distribution of 7,101 Chromebooks, 3,650 cellular hotspots, 1,850 Apple iPads, and 550 Apple MacBook Airs for teachers.
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