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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website
South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) has launched a network of 17 new websites representing the district office; SSFUSD's elementary, middle, and high schools; Baden Continuation School; and South San Francisco Adult Education (SSFAE).
The new websites are designed to improve internal and external communication, while strengthening SSFUSD's visual identity through an enhanced web presence.
The 17 websites also have a similar design and architecture to make it easier for families, students, and community members to find information quickly.

New Website Features

  1. Responsive Design. The new websites are 100% responsive and can be viewed on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

  2. Dynamic Content. News and information are tailored for your specific school but can also be shared between multiple websites, if necessary. 

  3. New Language Tools. Families, students, and community members can easily change the language they want to view a website in with one click.

  4. Streamlined Navigation. An intuitive navigational interface enables quick access to important information like grades, bell schedules, calendars, and messages from SSFUSD's superintendent and your school principal.

  5. Social Media Integration. View and follow SSFUSD's or your school's social media feeds directly on all 17 websites.   
Welcome to Our New Website

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Find your new school website from the table below.
School Official URL
SSFUSD https://www.ssfusd.org
Buri Buri Elementary https://buriburi.ssfusd.org
Junipero Serra Elementary https://juniperoserra.ssfusd.org
Los Cerritos Elementary https://loscerritos.ssfusd.org
Martin Elementary https://martin.ssfusd.org
Monte Verde Elementary https://monteverde.ssfusd.org
Ponderosa Elementary https://ponderosa.ssfusd.org
Skyline Elementary https://skyline.ssfusd.org
Spruce Elementary https://spruce.ssfusd.org
Sunshine Gardens Elementary https://sunshine.ssfusd.org
Alta Loma Middle School https://altaloma.ssfusd.org
Parkway Heights Middle School https://parkway.ssfusd.org
Westborough Middle School https://westborough.ssfusd.org
El Camino High School https://elcamino.ssfusd.org
South San Francisco High School https://southcity.ssfusd.org
Baden Continuation School https://baden.ssfusd.org
South San Francisco Adult Education https://ssfae.ssfusd.org