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SSFUSD Negotiations Updates

The purpose of this website is to provide negotiated employee salary and benefits information as well as regular updates on bargaining activities between the South San Francisco Unified School District and its employee organizations.


Bargaining Information

Labor Relations - CSEA
Tentative Agreement Reached!
Labor Relations - CTA
BARGAINING UPDATE - November 3, 2021
The District and the South San Francisco Classroom Teacher Association ("Association") met again for successor contract negotiations on November 3.  At this meeting, the District exchanged a proposal.  In response to the Association’s counter proposal on compensation and benefits, which included multi-year salary increases, the District proposed an ongoing additional financial commitment of approximately $1,125,000 million dollars in the form of a 2.25% general increase to all salary schedules effective July 1, 2021 (retro to the start of this school year).  The District also responded by committing an additional $750,000 in the form of a one-time off schedule payment of 1.5% of salary for unit members for 2021-22 school year.  The District and Association have reached tentative agreements on various contract language proposals. 
The teams have additional bargaining scheduled on November 19. 



California Teachers Association - CTA
California School Employees Association - CSEA
South San Francisco Federation of Adult Educators - AFT


Salary Schedules

CSEA (Ops & Grounds), CSEA (Nutrition Services), CSEA (other staff)
Teacher Salary Schedule Chart for 2020-2021 (figure 01)
Approved by Board of Trustees on 12/12/2020 - 186 work days

7 year Teacher Salary Increase Chart (figure 02)

Negotiation FAQs

Facts & Answers to questions about labor negotiations and employee salaries and benefits
Q: Are teachers currently working without a contract?
A: No, the current teacher contract is still in place.
The current contract term ended on July 1, 2021 but remains in effect until a successor agreement is negotiated. Last year’s teacher salaries and benefits continue “as is” until a new agreement on total compensation is reached. The district has implemented the usual automatic step and column pay increases for longevity and continuing education credits for all employees still moving up the salary schedule. A majority of our teachers received a step and/or column increase this year. With the exception of Steps 17 and 22, this is equivalent to an average of approximately 3.16% salary increase per a year, and it has been reflected in their paychecks. See figure 01.
• The average salary of teachers in SSFUSD in 2020-21 is $82,932
• With the District’s contribution to retirement and health benefits, the total comes to $109,874 per an average teacher
• Between 2014-15 to 2020-21 (7 years), teachers salaries increased by 27.50% • With medical and other employee compensation, this percentage goes up to 33.22%. See figure 02.
• 2014-2015 – 5.00% salary increase
• 2015-2016 – 5.00% salary increase
• 2016-2017 – 7.00% salary increase
• 2017-2018 – 2.00% salary increase
• 2018-2019 – 3.25% salary increase
• 2019-2020 – 2.25% salary increase
• 2020-2021 – 3.00% salary increase

Q: Have certificated employees received raises recently?
A: Yes, SSFUSD certificated members received the same raise as all other employees in the prior year.
All employees received a 3% salary schedule increase for 2020-21. Combined with the past six years, this makes the total increase to salaries in the last 7 years of 33.22% or approximately $16 million for certificated employees.

More Negotiations Frequently Asked Questions