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Blocking an Email Address


Blocking Email Addresses

Lightbulb.jpg Important: Blocking an email address will result in this email address not being contacted for any reason by any user. It is a system-wide block.


Blocking certain email addresses from receiving messages can be easily done from the Blocked Lists subtab found under the System tab. After clicking the Blocked Lists subtab, click the Email Addresses Link, shown below.


Clicking the Email Addresses link will take you to the Email address Blocked List.


On the Blocked List page you can view a list of all of the email addresses which have been blocked by any user and the reason given for blocking the address. Adding or removing addresses from the list is a very simple process.

How to Block an Email Address

  1. Navigate to the appropriate blocked list for email addresses.

  2. Enter the email address in the Email field.

  3. Enter a brief reason for blocking the email.

  4. Click the Add button.

How to Unblock an Email Address

  1. Navigate to the appropriate blocked list for email addresses.

  2. Find the email address you wish to unblock in the list.

  3. Click the Delete link in the Actions area to the right of the entry.

View Contact Information for Blocked Email Addresses

  1. Search for the email address in the Blocked Emails window.

  2. Check the Display Contacts check box.

  3. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the contact to view the Contact page for the recipient.

Save a Local Copy of the Blocked Emails List

Simply click the CSV Download link for a CSV file containing the Blocked Emails list which you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.