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School Board

board president - MR. JOHN C. BAKER

Mr. Baker was appointed to the Board in January 2016, elected in November 2016 and re-elected in 2018.  He has served as Vice President and was selected to be President in December 2018.   He is the father of two children enrolled in District schools, one at a high school and the other at an elementary school. He works as a grant administrator and graduated from public schools, including SFSU, where he earned a Master of Public Administration degree. Prior to his appointment as a trustee, he served as a member of the SSF Library Board, the SSF Housing Authority, and the SamTrans Citizens Advisory Committee. Mr. Baker is a graduate of the California School Board Association's Masters in Governance program. Term expires 2022.   



board vice president - mrS. PATRICIA A. MURRAY


Mrs. Murray was elected to the Board in November 2016. She was selected to be Vice-President in December 2018.   She has served on various District committees and has been a PTA parent volunteer for the past 20 years.  Mrs. Murray said she is working to make the District the best it can be. She is a graduate of the California School Board Association's Masters in Governance program. Term expires 2020.



Board Clerk - Mrs. DAINA R. LUJAN

Ms. Lujan was appointed as a Trustee in February 2016 and elected in November 2016.  She has served as Vice President, President and was selected to be Board Clerk in December 2018.  Ms. Lujan has lived in South San Francisco since 2009 and is the mother of one child. She is a former SSF Planning Commissioner and also currently serves on the Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee and the City/County Association of Government’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Ms. Lujan is a graduate of the California School Board Association's Masters in Governance program. Term expires 2020.



board member - mr. eddie flores

Mr. Flores was elected to the Board in November 2018. He has a been a lifelong advocate for children and families and is personally committed to ensuring all children get the opportunities that he was fortunate to receive as a student who graduated from public schools.  Mr. Flores graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in public policy and public health and earned his MBA from SFSU.  Mr. Flores formerly served as a SSF Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. He is a volunteer of the SSF Friends of Parks and Recreation, SSF Friends of the Library, and the SSF Historical Society.  Term expires 2022. 


Board Member - Mrs. mina a. richardson

Mrs. Richardson was elected to the Board in November 2018.  She is a longtime resident and the mother of three sons who attended District schools.  She had a career as an Allied Health imaging professional (AS degree) and was a Music major at Sacramento State University.   Most recently she was brand ambassador for Fortune 500 companies.  In prior years, she was a member of CHAADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder), worked as a fundraiser and group donor to Child Care Center in Westborough Park, and volunteered at the SF Opera.  Mrs. Richardson is currently a community activist providing opposing arguments on SSF ballot Measure W, and campaigns against general government imposed taxes that impact working families. Mrs. Richardson is bi-lingual in Spanish.  Her goal is to promote SSFUSD's excellent schools and programs which have much to offer our youth.  Term expires 2022