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SSFUSD Teacher Induction Program

Vision Statement

The SSFUSD Teacher Induction Program promotes the well-being of beginning teachers by providing support through collaboration and reflection. We will provide students in South San Francisco with exceptional teachers, empowered to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

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What is Teacher Induction?

The SSFUSD Teacher Induction program is designed to support the professional development of beginning teachers.

The program engages preliminary credentialed teachers in a job-embedded formative assessment system of support and professional growth to fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, and Education Specialist credentials.Teacher Induction programs are locally designed and implemented in accordance with the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Professional Teacher Induction Programs and aligned to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession

Currently the SSFUSD Teacher Induction Program only accepts applicants who are employed with the SSF Unified School District. If you represent a school that is interested in working with our Induction Program Leaders to provide your beginning teachers a path to a clear credential, please contact Lottie Kuwada,

BTSA Office: 650.877.3973
Contact Marilyn Chan  Marilyn Chan District Staff
Contact Lottie Kuwada  Lottie Kuwada Coordinator of Special Projects, BTSA Program