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What Does C.A.R. Stand For?

In order to positively influence and impact our students, we recognize that our entire community must be involved and engaged. At South San Francisco Unified, we have identified our C.A.R. to exemplify our institutional commitments to our community.

The C recognizes our desire to communicate in ways that are transparent, professional, and honest. The A is important to all in our district as we strive for excellence and equity in academics and our overall achievement for our students and staff. The is one of the most critical as we are focused in SSFUSD on strengthening and maintaining positive and productive relationships throughout the district with one another, with our families, communities, and most importantly, with our students! The picture of our CAR graphic below depicts the SSFUSD institutional commitments!

What does C.A.R. stand for?

Over the course of the last two years, we have been moving toward becoming a performance management district whereby we are all analyzing data, determining our success and opportunities for growth, are asking ourselves ‘why’ questions about our performance if we are not hitting our identified targets, and developing action plans that align to our school and district goals that we can implement and monitor to determine if we are making progress.  

Take a look at our graphic below: Performance Management: Strengthening our Systems to remind you of the journey we are on toward our 4Es and academic excellence and equity in SSFUSD!

Strengthening Our Systems