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Email, Text & Language


Now you can send your message using phone, email or both!


Create the email messages in English, Spanish and Tagalog.  Families will receive your message in their preferred language.  If you do not create an Spanish or Tagalog message, they will receive the English version

Text Messages

After many requests from parents, they can now receive your information in a text message!

SMS text messaging can be an effective and timely way to get short, important messages to people who prefer to receive information on their wireless devices. However, it’s also important abide by the protocols set forth by wireless carriers and industry regulatory bodies before sending bulk SMS text messages.


Tips for Creating Great Text Messages

  • You have 140 characters to get your message across
  • Make your text message short and to the point
  • Text messages have a single version
  • (multiple versions for multiple languages are not supported at this time)
  • Users can opt-out of receiving text messages at any time

Initial Setup

School Messenger has worked hard to create features that allow you to easily comply with regulations when sending SMS messages.  The setup only needs to be done just once before your start sending text messages. 
Setup Instructions

Tagalog Language Support

Phone and email messages can now be sent in English, Spanish, Tagalog, or any combination!

  • English and Spanish have text to Speech capability that converts your typed message into a voice message
  • Tagalog messages are created by recording a Tagalog speaker reading your message
  • Families receive your message in their preferred language
  • If their language preference is not available, it defaults to English and they receive the English message