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Teacher Induction Admissions Information


  • Possess a current preliminary credential
  • Currently employed as a full-time teacher with SSFUSD

Admission Process

Click the link to submit an Admission Eligibility Form:


Admission Eligibility Form 


For Single Subject and Multiple Subject Induction Program candidates, please attach the following to your submission:


Copy of your current credential 

You can attach a PDF or screenshot from the CTC Website


Transition Document

You can include the Transition Document you may have completed at the end of your preliminary credential program or you can download one here: (DOC) (PDF)


*Ed Specialists DO NOT need to submit any documentation when applying to the Induction Program, at this time. 


**Candidates who have partially completed an induction program with another district must submit a Transfer Document from their previous program.  


Once the Induction leadership team reviews all documentation, teachers accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter and an invitation to the Teacher Induction Orientation during the beginning of the school year.


Questions about admission or forms can be directed to Katie Duggan Induction Program Leader,