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Grades K-6

Pearson SuccessNet

SuccessNet provides educational management tools help teachers organize teaching materials, edit virtual classrooms and rosters as well as keep track of the progress of individual students.

Purchased teaching materials or products can be added to school or district accounts, in the form of product codes. This content, as well as content prepared by teachers and schools, can be assigned to students as part of a customizable lesson plan.

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Video Training


800-234-5832 is the Help Line

  • Teacher Registration (5:16)
    This tutorial walks teachers through the registration process and shows how to set up a teacher account in Pearson SuccessNet.

  • Class Setup (2:31)
    In this tutorial, teachers walk through the steps for setting up their classes in Pearson SuccessNet.

  • How to Add Students (9:21)
    This tutorial walks through the different options teachers have to add students to their classes in Pearson SuccessNet.

  • How to Add Products (5:12)
    By watching this tutorial, teachers learn the steps for adding additional Pearson products to their Pearson SuccessNet teacher accounts.