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Buri Buri Elementary

325 Del Monte Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Built in 1949 | Site Acreage: 8.9 acres | 628 Students

On November 2, 2010, the voters of South San Francisco passed the Measure J Bond that authorized the District to issue and sell bonds up to $162,000,000.00. Measure J was proposed “To provide safe, modern classrooms and educational support facilities by replacing deteriorated portable classrooms with permanent classrooms; repairing deteriorated roofs; providing disabled students access; upgrading science labs, libraries, technology and restrooms; enhancing safety, fire detection and security systems; improving energy efficiency; replacing outdated electrical, plumbing and heating systems…”

Buri Buri is one of the largest elementary schools in the District and is identified in the bond language as one of the District’s schools in most need of improvement. The existing structures date to the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s and will need significant renovations to address its accessibility, life safety and site utility issues. Also, many of the elements of the school such as basic infrastructure, restrooms and data communication systems have reached the end of the useful life and will need significant upgrades in order to meet basic standards. Site Security, is an issue, since the site has four entrances and is situated on multiple tiers, making supervision difficult. The scope of work for Buri Buri is as follows:

  • Provide new 62,500 SF structures on the existing campus, based on a projected student enrollment of 660 students, which will include eight (8) classroom buildings with a total of 33 new classrooms, a new administration office, a multi-purpose building and a library/exploratorium.
  • Provide Fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarm systems
  • Improve student drop off and pick up
  • Provide proper ADA parking spaces with correct signage
  • Provide proper ADA accessible access throughout campus
  • Upgrade landscaping
  • Replace irrigation system
  • Make corresponding irrigation control modifications
  • Provide weather rated switchgear/enclosures
  • Remove existing structures and convert area to play fields
  • Replace site infrastructure
  • Provide three (3) new play structures

Buri Buri Elementary School Construction- Frequently Asked Questions

November 2015


Q: When will the construction be completed at Buri Buri?

A: Construction is anticipated to be completed in the summer/fall of 2016.


Q: Can any school open without being safe and inspected?

A: No school is allowed to be open if there are any safety violations or it has not been inspected. The Division of State Architects personnel ensure all codes have been met in order for occupancy. A school district cannot override any governing authority over construction.


Q: Is there a fire suppression system in all of the buildings?

A: Yes. If there were to be a fire, the water sprinklers would come on and spray water.


Q: Have all health and safety codes been met? Where can I find the documents?

A: Yes. All documents are on the District website under Measure J, Buri Buri.

Q: Is the drop off zone open for parents to drop off and pick up students?

A: Yes. The drop off zone is open and is working well. This will alleviate the traffic congestion on Del Monte.


Q: Is the dirt being brought in to Buri Buri free of containments and been tested?

A: Yes, All dirt has been tested for any and all containments and is free of any kind of harmful materials.


Q: Has an air quality control permit been issued?

A: All documents necessary for construction are posted on the district website under Measure J, Buri Buri.


Q: Has the school entrance and exit gate been enlarged?

A: Yes, the gate has been enlarged and is safe for any and all students and staff to pass through.

Q: What is the plan for removing construction dust from people’s property?

A: Car wash vouchers are being distributed, two per household.


Q: What is the plan for school lighting that shines into people’s homes?

A: The lighting has been assessed and is within normal standards. The night custodians will ensure lights are turned off as rooms are cleaned.


Q: What is the plan for resident property damage?

A: Any and all claims should be submitted to USS Cal, the general contractor for the construction. They hold all liability for any construction claims.


Q: Are preparations being made for El Nino?

A: Yes. The contractor is making sure all aspects of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan is being adhered to.

Q: What is being done about the mound of dirt?

A: The mound of dirt is being covered with hydro seed to ensure it does not run when the rains come. Also, the contractor is moving dirt around the site so the dirt mound will be decreasing in the next few months.

Q: How often are meetings held to discuss Measure J projects?

A: District staff meet with the site administration and the contractor weekly to discuss how all projects are going.


Q: Is construction work exempt from the mandated start and end times?

A: All construction work should follow guidelines mandated by local ordinances.


Q: Who is paying for building insurance?

A: All school buildings are fully insured through the San Mateo County Schools Insurance Group.


Q: Can we get another crossing guard on Del Monte?

A: A temporary crossing guard has been hired to assist with the drop off zone safety measures.

Q: Who handles traffic control?

A: The South San Francisco Police Department is responsible for any traffic control.

Q: Can there be permit parking?

A: The City has turned down requests for permit parking on Del Monte.


Q: Where are permits filed?

A: All permits are filed with the agency that requests them whether it is local, county, state or federal.


Q: Will playground balls go into our yards from the play area?

A: All playground equipment should remain on the school yard. Occasionally, there may be a stray ball. Please bring it into the school office if you discover a stray ball.

Q: Will there be a retaining wall around the property?

A: Some parts of the new construction will have a retaining wall.

Q: Can there be a “no U-Turn” sign on Del Monte?

A: The City traffic division handles any and all signage on city streets.


Q: Can the drop off zone be moved?

A: The drop off zone is on Del Monte and will be there moving forward. Once the parking lot on El Campo opens next year, this should alleviate some traffic congestion.


Q: Why are lights on all night?

A: Lights should not be on all night. Most of the classrooms are on timers and motion sensors and should be adjusting as such. The night custodians sometimes have lights on in classrooms as they clean them but then the lights are turned off.


Q: Can we get a copy of the construction schedule?

A: The latest construction schedule is posted under the Measure J link on the District website.


Q: Where will the entrance/exit be for the new parking lot when it is finished?

A: The entrance/exit will be on El Campo.

Q: Does Buri Buri have “sick building syndrome”?

A: No, there is no syndrome affecting any part of Buri Buri.


Q: Could the fumes from the airplanes flying low over the school 24 hours a day contribute to health and breathing issues?

A: Jet fuel fumes could potentially cause asthma, breathing issues and other ailments. For additional information, please contact the Air Quality.


Q: How will students get from building to building in the rain when there are no overhangs?

A: Students at all school sites will remain inside during inclement weather as much as possible.


Q: Is construction affected by the Davis v Fresno decision?

A: The District legal counsel has determined that all projects under Measure J are not affected by the Davis v Fresno decision.


Q: What is being done about the noise level from students?

A: There will always be noise from students at a school site when they are on the playground.


Q: Who made the original design plans?

A: A team made up of district staff, architects and construction people helped to develop the plans.


Q: Is there heating and hot water?

A: Yes, the heating is on when needed. Hot water is provided where necessary. Bathrooms only are equipped with room temperature water as this is the way all schools have had their sinks for 50 years and code only requires tepid water.


Q: Will the streets be repaved due to cracking?

A: The City has control over the streets and will ensure accountability to whomever will need to pave the streets.


Q: Why do the windows only open about five inches?

A: Building Code determines how far a window is allowed to open. All windows meet all codes.


Q: Who has authority over a school construction site?

A: Division Of State Architects has control over construction at school sites.

Q: Have all concrete chunks been removed from the dirt on the property?

A: The general contractor who has control over the property is able to answer this question but all construction specifications are adhered to that are prescribed by code.


Q: Is the fencing or wall around the school site going to be a cinder block wall or chain link fence on top of a retaining wall? How high will it be?

A: The fence will be chain link fence, 8’ height and will be installed on the school District property line.


Q: Are there plans to put time sensors in the classrooms?

A: All new classrooms have motion sensors and adjust lighting as necessary. They also adjust based on the amount of natural lighting coming inside.

Q: What is the agreement between the District and the General Contractor?

A: A lease-lease back contract was approved between the General Contractor, USS Cal and the District. All lease documents can be found on the District website under Measure J.

Q: How many parking spaces will there be for staff when construction is completed?

A: There will be 42 parking spaces in a parking lot accessed from El Campo on the school site.

Q: What about the athletic fields?

A: The fields will be completed at a future date when all of the construction work is completed and plans have been made to landscape the fields. Elementary schools do not usually have large athletic fields. Both high schools received new football fields with Measure J funds.

Q: Will the value of my home go up once construction is completed?

A: Hard to say but statistically, homes around a school typically increase in value over time. The school isn’t an expert on real estate and cannot reliably answer this question.


Q: Are all trucks coming down the street related to construction?

A: No, there are Caltrans trucks, PG&E trucks, Cable company trucks, delivery trucks, Cal Water trucks and other entity trucks.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 15, 2016

Q: Why does the budget change?
A: As with any budget, the estimations are what it could cost to complete a job. However, budgets can and do change through no fault of any malfeasance, fraud or any other conspiracy. Costs have risen in the last several years and budgets need to be adjusted to reflect increased costs. 

Q: Who is Bill Savidge?
A: Bill Savidge is the District Bond Consultant, hired in February of 2016.

Q: Who is Victoria Vargas?
A: Victoria Vargas is the new construction manager and will be working mainly in the field with the contractors. 

Q: Who is Interstate Paving and Grading?
A: Interstate Paving and Grading is the construction company that won the first bod to do work at Buri Buri. As the District moves forward, there will be other companies who have the lowest bid and so there could be several contractors doing various jobs on site. 

Q: Why is the District not doing anything about the traffic on Del Monte? 
A: Only the City of South San Francisco Police and Traffic Departments can direct traffic or write tickets. No District staff can be out on the street nor tell people what to do in the street as it is a liability for the district if someone gets into an accident or hits someone. Staff are doing everything they can to encourage drivers to do the right thing at all times for the safety of everyone involved. 

Q: What will become of the stairs that lead up to April Street? 
A: Staff will assess the feasibility and cost of having stairs up to April. At this time, this project is not in the current budget. 

Q: Will there be vibrations felt in the ground when demolition begins on the concrete foundations? 
A: Yes, as the large chunks of concrete are broken up, there is the potential for some small vibrations to be felt.  

Q: What is the new estimated timeframe for construction completion?
A: Because of the nature of construction and unknowns, the current estimate is sometime in 2017 but is subject to change. 

Q: What is the current budget?
A: An updated Program Budget will be presented at the September 8, 2016 Board Meeting. 

Q: Where did the money come from to finish Buri?
A: The money is from Measure J funds and has always been allocated for Buri Buri. 

Q: Has the District and the City completed a study of the drop off times?
A: Not at this time but this is something to potentially review in the future. 
Q: Is all of the dirt from Buri Buri?
A: As far as staff know, all of the dirt if from the Buri Buri location. 

Q: How will the school be secured when construction is completed?
A: There will be a perimeter fence around the school securing the campus. 

Q: What will happen to the debris that is mixed in with the dirt?
A: Any required measures will be taken to ensure the dirt is properly maintained and debris is properly disposed of. 

Q: Where will the flagpole go?
A: Somewhere in the front of the school. 

Q: Who handles the bond money?
A: No actual cash ever passes through District staff hands. All monies are deposited into the County Treasury and have to go through several people before any checks are drawn to pay for expenditures. Every expenditure is included in Board agendas and are available for viewing by the public since the bond program started. 

Q: Can we get copies of the blueprints in PDF?
A: Please see the Measure J website under the Buri Buri section, for any plans in downloadable form. 

Q: Is the dirt supposed to be watered down?
A: Yes, but not all day, every day. Only when there is active movement of the dirt. 

Q: When did the solar panels go in at Buri Buri?
A: 2012

Q: Has there been inspections for hazardous materials?
A: District staff contract with a neutral party to complete hazardous materials inspections and any abatement, if necessary. 

Q: How will any containments be mitigated, if found?
A: Should any containments be found, all safety measures will be undertaken as prescribed by law to safely remove them.  

Buri Buri Summer 2017
Buri Buri Summer 2017
Summer 2017
Summer 2017
Buri Buri Project
Buri Buri Project