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Under Construction

Los Cerritos Elementary

los cerritos site

210 West Orange Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080

Built in 1948 | Site Acreage: 1.9 acres | 301 Students

On November 2, 2010, the voters of South San Francisco passed the Measure J Bond that authorized the District to issue and sell bonds up to $162,000,000.00. Measure J was proposed “To provide safe, modern classrooms and educational support facilities by replacing deteriorated portable classrooms with permanent classrooms; repairing deteriorated roofs; providing disabled students access; upgrading science labs, libraries, technology and restrooms; enhancing safety, fire detection and security systems; improving energy efficiency; replacing outdated electrical, plumbing and heating systems…”

Los Cerritos Elementary School, along with the other elementary schools, has received new play structures and ADA path of travel work. Also slated for Los Cerritos are a new modular classroom building, exploratorium and library. Los Cerritos is part of the Phase 3 Modular project and will receive their new buildings in the Summer of 2015.

  • Provide new 3,840 SF structures on the existing campus, a new library and a new exploratorium.
  • Provide Fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarm systems
  • Improve student drop off and pick up
  • Provide proper ADA parking spaces with correct signage
  • Provide proper ADA accessible access throughout campus
  • Renovate existing ramp at back of campus
  • Upgrade landscaping
  • Replace irrigation system
  • Make corresponding irrigation control modifications
  • Provide weather rated switchgear/enclosures
  • Provide three (3) new play structures