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- Add or Edit a Student

add or edit student information


You are viewing the Add Student page or the Details tab on the Student Information page. Enter or change the student's information as needed. Note the following:

  • Information that is required is marked with an asterisk (*). Other information is optional.

  • You can press the Tab key to move from one field to the next.

  • Note that student first and last names are limited to 35 characters.

  • When you type the student's password, asterisks (*) or dots will be shown instead of the characters you type. If you are editing information, the number of dots does not necessarily show you the number of characters in the password; this is a security feature.

  • To enter the gender, grade level, ethnicity, and language, use the drop-down lists. District administrators or district staff can also choose the student's school by using a drop-down list. When a school administrator adds a student, the student is automatically enrolled in that person's school.

  • In the Grade drop-down list, EE means Early Education, Pre-K means Pre-Kindergarten, K means Kindergarten, and None means no grade has been assigned. When you choose a grade for a student, the grade is automatically adjusted in previous and future school years; for example, if you choose 3 as the grade for this school year, the program will show the student's grade as 2 in the previous school year and 4 in the next school year.

  • If you want to require the student to change his or her password after logging in next time, check the User must change password at next login box.

  • If you are editing a student who is already in the software, you can also choose to delete the student. To do that, click Delete Student under the table.

Be sure to give students their user names and passwords so they can log in for practice, quizzes, or tests.

If you are adding a student, when you have finished, click Save and Add if you want to add other students right away, or click Save if you want to save this student only and set other information for the student. Click Cancel to leave the page without saving the information.

If you are editing a student on the Student Information page, to save your changes, click Save; if you need to change information on other tabs, click those tabs and make your changes before clicking Save. If you do not want to save the changes, click Cancel to leave the Student Information page.

If a new student has the same name as a student who is already in the database or a student that has been deleted, the Duplicate Student Found page will open (see merging student records).

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