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Business Services Mission


The South San Francisco Unified School District’s Business Services Department is responsible for the planning, organizing and monitoring of the numerous program budgets within the district.  These programs include: all educational programs for our 8,900 students; children’s center operations; nutritional services; technology services; and, facilities and grounds maintenance. 

The mission of the department is to provide fiscal and business support to our administrators and managers so that they can make informed decisions with respect to their programs and the needs of their program participants.  We also seek to communicate and report to the public, in a transparent fashion, the fiscal health of the district on a regular ongoing basis. Within this mission we perform support services such as site and program budgeting; purchasing; payroll and benefits; accounting; and risk management; to identify just a few.  We strive to provide these support services effectively, efficiently, and in a timely manner. 

Business Services highly values your comments, suggestions and opinions about any subject matter that falls under our purview. Please feel free to leave us a message.