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Business Services Staff Directory

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Mr. Michael Krause

Mr. Krause has been with South San Francisco Unified School District since March 2015. He comes with a wealth of experience from private industry as well as school business. Mr. Krause holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and Economics. He also holds a Masters in Management and Human Resources and a Masters in Educational Leadership. He earned his Chief Business Officer Certification from the University of Southern California. In addition, Mr. Krause holds a clear Tier II Administrative Credential. Mr. Krause also holds a graduation certificate from the ACSA Superintendent's Academy.  He is a Certified School Management Negotiator, Certified School Risk Manager and also holds the Serv Safe Food Managers Certification. Mr. Krause is also an honorably discharged US Army Veteran, In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and helping others.

Assistant superintendent
Assistant Superintendent Michael Krause 650-877-8702 Email
Executive Assistant Charlotte Grima 650-877-8707 Email
fiscal services
Director Ted O 650-877-8745 Email
Supervisor Jennifer Chan 650-877-5287 Email
Budget/Position Control Analyst Cathy Souza 650-877-8700 x 8722 Email
Senior Accountant Jen Chiu 650-877-3969 Email
Purchasing Agent Ana Justo 650-877-8700 x 8724 Email
Budget Technician Judy Gonzalez 650-877-8630 Email
Accounting Technician Garzetta Billingslea 650-877-8625 Email
Accounting Technician Veronika Espinoza 650-877-8713 Email
Accounting Technician Amber Verdin 650-246-5973 Email
Reprographics Technician Holly Lynne 650-877-8700 x 8731 Email
payroll and benefits
Supervisor Marilou Tolentino 650.877.8692 Email
Last Names - A thru K Nancy E. Pyle 650.877.8729 Email
Last Names - L thru Z Jewel Fausto 650.877.8728 Email
facilities and safety
Director Jeff G. Bonner 650.877.8718 Email
Facility Office Coordinator Divine Reate 650.877.8718 Email
Senior Office Assistant Laura Gonzalez 650.877.8718 Email
Custodial Supervisor Wences Paredes 650.615.8900 Email


nutrition services
Director Fran Debost 650.877.8716 Email
Supervisor Ana Miramon 650.877.8716 Email
Administrative Assistant Mara Perez 650.877.8716 Email
Purchasing Technician Vacant    


technology services
Director Carl Fahle 650-877-5230 Email
Technology Office Coordinator Jolene Malfatti 650-877-5230 Email
IT Specialist II Raj Achal 650-877-5230 Email
IT Specialist II Trini Arrieta 650-877-5230 Email
IT Specialist Clarence Arcala 650-877-5230 Email
IT Specialist Donald Gomez 650-877-5230 Email