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Employee Benefits may be found here

Employee Assistance Program 

The challenges you face each day can overwhelm you. Your home
life, your happiness and your performance at work all can suffer.
We can help. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides
confidential support for those everyday challenges, and for more
serious problems. It’s available around the clock anytime you need it.

What Can My EAP Do for Me?
You may be struggling with stress at work, seeking financial or legal
advice, or coping with the death of a loved one. Maybe you just want
to strengthen your relationships with your family. Your EAP offers
assistance and support for all these concerns and more:
• Depression, anxiety and stress
• Substance abuse
• Workplace problems or conflicts
• Parenting and family issues
From short-term counseling services and referrals to more extended
care, your EAP offers just what you need. To find out more, give us
a call or visit

How Does It Work?

Accessing your EAP is easy and available 24 hours a day. Simply call the toll-free number on this flyer. A specialist will help you identify the nature of your problem and the appropriate resources to address it. If you need financial or legal services, we will refer you to an expert in that field. If you want to see a clinician, we’ll match you with one in our network who has the appropriate experience to help.

Connecting Online

For 24-hour, confidential access to your EAP benefit and tools to help you enhance your work, health and life, simply visit You can check your benefit information and submit online requests for services, search our online directory of clinicians, access information and resources for hundreds of everyday work and life issues in one of our many virtual help centers, and participate in interactive, customizable self-improvement programs. Any member of your household may access these online services, including dependents living away from home.

How Much Will This Benefit Cost? T

here’s no charge for referrals, or for seeing a clinician in our network. There’s no cost for initial consultation with financial or legal experts, or mediators. Subsequent legal assistance is available at a 25 percent discount. Access to is always free. For more information, please refer to your employer-provided benefit information.

Are Services Confidential?

We’ll never share your personal records with your employer or anyone else without your permission. All records, including medical information, referrals and evaluations, are kept strictly confidential in accordance with federal and state laws. In an emergency, the first concern is your health. Call 911 or get to an emergency room as soon as poss