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Frequently Asked Questions



Who do I contact to find out my sick leave balance? 

   Payroll Department.  Sick leave balance is included on paystub.


How do I obtain employment verification? 

   Human Resources Department or Payroll (salary information & unused sick leave).


When does my TB test expire?

   Refer to your assignment memo mailed in July or Human Resources Department.


When are my certificated increment requirements due?

   Refer to your assignment memo mailed in July or Human Resources Department.


How can I earn CDI credit?

   Contact the Classified Human Resources Department.


I want to change and/or add my new baby/spouse to my health/dental insurance.

   Who do I contact? Payroll Department.


I was injured on the job. How do I report this?  

   School Administrative Assistant/Payroll.  Complete Worker Injury Report ASAP.


My email account is not set up yet. Who do I contact for computer issues?  

   Technology Department.


How many vacation days do I have? 

   Included on your pay warrant or contact Payroll.


I’m not a full time employee. Do I work on minimum days? 

    Human Resources Department.


Where do I find the school calendar?

   District website.


My paycheck is wrong. Who do I contact?

   Payroll Department.


When are our district holidays for 12 month employees? 

   Human Resources Department Website.


I want to be a sub in your district. Who can I contact?

   Human Resources Department tab on the district website.


I am a student teacher and would like to intern with your district. How can I do this?

   Contact the school site principal?


Who do I contact to get information about professional development?

   Educational Services.


I just received my teaching credential and want to work for your district. How do I apply?  

   EdJoin or our Human Resources Department Webpage.



When are the Board Meetings?

   District website.


I changed my name/address? Who do I contact?

   Go to the forms tab under HR and use the Request for Name Change/Address form. Submit to Human Resources Department. If you are changing your name, you must bring in your new SSN card to Human Resources Department along with the request form.