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Buying Resource - Landed

Our district has prioritized identifying innovative ways to help our staff members manage one of the biggest challenges they face outside of work – finding suitable housing in this expensive region.

One of these solutions is a down payment fund for staff. Bay Area company Landed will provide you with half of a down payment, up to $120,000, to buy a home in the Bay AreaIn exchange, the educator will share in the gain (or loss, if any) of their home when they sell or refinance. There are no monthly payments on the support.  Here's how it worksRecent news coverage about Landed can be found in the Wall Street Journal, on NPR, and in the San Jose Mercury News.


This program is available now open to all staff and available immediately. 


Please contact Landed’s Customer Experience team to apply and learn more:



·       Employee Status and Commitment: Participants must have at least two years’ experience at their district. Participants also agree to stay with their district for the next two years.

·       TermEmployees can end the partnership at any time within 30 years by buying out the Landed investment directly or by refinancing. At this time, participants pay back Landed’s original investment plus or minus a share of the gain (or loss) in the home value.

·       Support Amount: Participants can use up to $120,000 in down payment support.

·       Primary Residence: Home must be used as a primary residence.

·       Home Proximity: There are no explicit restrictions on home purchase location, however we encourage all homebuyers to consider the cost of commuting when making their decision.

·       Mortgage Qualification: Participants must qualify for a primary mortgage with one of Landed’s lending partners. To qualify, participants must have access to savings (or family gifts) to contribute their own 10% down payment. Participants do not have to be first-time homebuyers.