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Technology Agreement for Parents

Parents/guardians are required to review and sign SSFUSD’s Computer System/Internet/E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy (for secondary students), and the Elementary User Agreement and Parent Permission form (for elementary students), as part of the annual student registration process for each school.

These policies are included in all registration packets as Form 7 (secondary) and Form 7E (elementary).

While the language explains system etiquette, prohibited use, and Internet Safety Guidelines for Students, we want to ensure that all parents/guardians and students understand that the policies pertaining to acceptable use of technology applies to the protection of SSFUSD staff members as well.

Please reiterate with your students that section 3.6 and 5 of Form 7, section 8 of Form 7’s Internet Safety Guide for Students, and bullet #6 (regarding names, pictures, addresses) of Form 7E, apply to teachers and staff as well as students.

Just as with students, any images, recordings, and/or representations of the likeness of SSFUSD teachers and staff may not be displayed, processed, transmitted, downloaded, published, or used in any other way without the permission of the teacher or staff member.

Per section 9 of Form 7, violations of the above will result in consequences of improper use, including discipline and/or loss of use privileges.

Technology Support

1) Hardware, software, and network connectivity issues: Contact your school site immediately for support.

Hardware/devices will be replaced to ensure the least amount of disruption to student learning.

2) For persistent issues that cannot be resolved at the school site: Contact 1-650-877-8700 (ext.8611)

3) Educational software support: Contact