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LCAP Goals

goals at a glance: major components

1.   The district will provide a high quality educational program that focuses on raising the overall academic achievement and social learning environment for all students. A primary area of focus will remain on our curricular program to ensure its coherent and aligned across the District.

Major components of this goal are as follows: A focus on equity and access for our students through our curriculum, instruction, and assessment; an accurate collection and analysis of data, and securing evidenced-based programs/services to maximize learning for our students.


2.   Identified classified staff, certificated and administrative staff will participate in professional development trainings that will assist in 1. Preparing our students for college, career and lifelong readiness and/or 2. To provide ongoing support for learning and growth within the profession to increase skills to better support all students.

Major components of this goal are as follows: High quality professional development on topics ranging from Cultural Competence, Equity, Common Core, and other curriculum, instruction, and assessment topics.


3.   The district will increase student, parent and community engagement and support program that foster a stronger, more positive, connection between school and home.

Major components of this goal are as follows: Increase parent engagement, increase overall culture at sites and district, and provide opportunities for students and parents to have a stronger connection to the school.