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District Standards

design standards intent & instructions

SSFUSD provides this information to establish design and construction consistency, operational efficiency and maintainability, while ensuring first class teaching and learning facilities. These standards represent the best value for expenditure and are aligned with the District’s long range goals.

  • Design Standards (DS)are directives and information for the design consultant.  Please incorporate the information provided into the construction specifications for the contractor.
  • File naming convention- Design Standards and/or Construction Specifications are populated within the appropriate division or section of this website.  The file names communicate the document’s content as follows:

division_section_section_title_version number_year_month_day

example:  14_20_00_Elevators_V1_2011_07_14

These Design Standards are intended to serve as a tool for design professionals, construction managers, planners, and other participants in capital improvement efforts.  They clarify direction and streamline project execution. 

  • They represent the District’s “strong preference” and should be applied, when possible, without compromising the creativity and/or ownership of the overall design.  Each design standard document includes direction on whether equivalent substitutes are acceptable.   
  • They do not diminish or eliminate the standard of care owed by a consultant to SSFUSD or relieve, in any manner whatsoever, a consultant from any professional responsibility, duty or due diligence required toward the work. 

SSFUSD uses the 2004 Construction Specifications Institute 50 division, Masterformat ™ numbering system.  Design professionals preparing specifications for SSFUSD are required to use the 2004 Construction Specifications Institute 50 division, Masterformat ™ numbering system.

For more information including Deviations and Updates, please see section 00 00 02 below.

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