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Campus Instruction

What moved from the Instruction Module to Campus Instruction

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Where Do I....

This table compares where you complete tasks in the old Instruction module, versus where you find those tasks in the new Campus Instruction.

Please note that this table doesn't include all tools available in Campus Instruction, just those tools that may be in a different location from the original Instruction module.


I want to...

Instruction Module

Campus Instruction


Create Grading Scales

Instruction > Admin > Grading Scales

Grade Book > Settings > Grading Scales

Create Assignment Marks

Instruction > Admin > Assignment Marks

Grade Book > Settings > Assignment Marks

Set teacher preferences such as show/hide dropped students or show student pictures

Instruction > Assignments > Edit Teacher Preferences

Account Settings

Establish settings for In Progress Gradesand Proficiency Estimates

Instruction > Assignments > Edit Grade Calc Options

Grade Book > Settings > Grade Calculation Options

Use Canned Comments

Instruction > Assignments > Edit Teacher Preferences

Grade Book > Settings > Use Canned Comments

Establish Composite Grading rules.

Instruction > Admin > Composite Grading

Grade Book > Settings > Grade Calculation Options


Create Categories

Instruction > Assignments > Edit Categories

Grade Book > Settings > Categories

Copy Categories

Instruction > Assignments > Edit Categories > Copy Categories

Grade Book > Settings > Copy Categories

Create Assignments

Instruction > Grade Book (Beta) > +Add or ALT N

Instruction > Assignments > Create Assignment

Grade Book > +Add or ALT N

Grade Book > Settings > Assignment List > Add Assignment

Planner > Curriculum > +Add

Planner > Curriculum > Section Name > Add New Assignment

Copy Assignments

Instruction > Assignments > Copy Assignments

Multiple Assignments: Planner > Curriculum > Section Name >Copy assignments to this section or Copy assignments from this section

Individual Assignments: Any Assignment > Copy

View a list of assignments

Instruction > Assignments

Assignment Overview

Grade Book > Settings > Assignment List

Planner > Curriculum > Section Name > View assignment list

View assignment submissions or online assessment responses

Instruction > Assignments > Assignment > Save and Score

Grade Book > Assignments > Student Submission

Assignment or Assignment List > Score > Student Submission

(Assignments or Assessments)


Record attendance by Present/Absent

Instruction > Attendance

Attendance (Roster or Seating Chart)

Record attendance by Present Minutes

Instruction > Positive Attendance

Positive Attendance

Record meals served to students

Instruction > Class Serve

Class Serve

View my schedule

Instruction > Daily Planner


Posting Grades

Posting grades by grading task or standard

Grading By Task

Post Grades

Posting grades by student

Grading By Student

Post Grades


Score teacher-scored assessments

Grading By Task

Standardized Tests




Send messages to students and parents

Instruction > Messenger

Message Center > New > Grades MessageMissing Assignment MessageClass Message


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