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Teacher Training Guide

This learning plan is designed to introduce teachers to the tools in the Instruction module and other relevant tools in Infinite Campus.

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Infinite Campus is the School Information System (SIS) used at your school.  It will help you with taking attendance, entering grades, and much more.  Since you will be working with Infinite Campus on a daily basis, you may also appreciate this Teacher Training Guide as a quick way to refresh your memory.

Recommended Usage
(How to get the MOST from this training)

  1. Go through this entire Teacher Training Guide and use the Hands on Virtual Labs (HOVL) links to go through the motions of using the basics..

  2. Refer back to this material any time you need a quick refresher.


Getting Started


Here are the tools in the Instruction module that will help you hit the ground running on the first day of school. Specifically, these tools will help you.


Hands-On Virtual Labs

Student Info for Teachers


There are several resources in Student Information>General which can help classroom teachers interact with their students.

Hands-On Virtual Labs

Overview Video - Grade Book Setup

Diving Deeper

We invite you to explore some of the additional tools that Infinite Campus provides to you.

  • Recording Daily Activities & Assignments
  • Analyzing Student Performance
  • Instruction Reports
  • Submitting Report Card Grades & Scores
  • Communicating with Parents & Students

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Grade Book Set Up


The core of the teacher's job in Infinite Campus is managing classroom assignments and student scores, but there is some set up which needs to be done first prior to defining an assignment. 

Hands-On Virtual Labs