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Behavior Admin Training

This learning plan is designed for staff who enter behavior incidents, assign behavior resolutions and do related reporting and analysis.


Documenting behavior is easy once you understand the basics.

A good working knowledge of using the behavior features of Infinite Campus can be gained by:

  1. Working through the Hands-On Virtual Labs modules that lead you through each step
  2. Completing the Behavior Excercise aftwardws where you create actual behavior records in our Infinite Campus Sandbox.

Hands-On Virtual Labs


This learning plan is designed for staff responsible for entering and tracking behavior events and related data.  It includes:

hands on

Behavior Exercise


Let's put all you've learned into practice by completing the following in our Infinite Campus sandbox site. 
(Don't worry.  Our "sandbox" siteand will not change any actual student or school data.)

  1. Login to the Infinite Camus Sandbox site
  2. Select your school
  3. Create a behavior incident
  4. Create behavior events for two students, each with two violations
  5. Mark which one is "most severe"Sand Bucket

Diving Deeper

We invite you to explore some of the additional tools that Infinite Campus provides to document and manage behavior.