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Principal Training

This learning plan is designed for school level administrators, such as Principals and Assistant Principals.


hands on

Infinite Campus is the School Information System (SIS) used at your school.  It will help you with a cross section of the tools that Principals have found most useful.  Since you will be working with Infinite Campus on a daily basis, you may also appreciate this training resource as a quick way to refresh your memory from time to time.

Recommended Usage
(How to get the MOST from this training)

  1. Go through this entire training and use the Hands on Virtual Labs (HOVL) links to go through the motions of using the basics..

  2. Refer back to this material any time you need a quick refresher.

Student Information

The Basics of Student Data




We have a short course on Behavior Administration located here.


Enrollment Counts & Schedules




End of Term (Marking Period) Processes