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Ad Hoc Report Training

This learning plan is designed to introduce staff, teachers, and administrators to the reporting tools in Infinite Campus.


Recommended Usage

(How to get the MOST from this training)

  1. Go through this entire Teacher Training Guide and use the Hands on Virtual Labs (HOVL) links to go through the motions of using the basics..

  2. Refer back to this material any time you need a quick refresher.

Creating Queries, Lists and Filters

Organizing & Sharing Queries

Adding Functions and Logical Expressions

Data Analysis

How to Find an Ad Hoc Field

Have you ever been working on creating an Ad Hoc report and had trouble finding the right field?

Here is a quick tip you can use to find the Ad Hoc field you are looking for.

 TIP  Use the :Filter by" Search feature.  Type in the field name you are looking for and click Search.  Try searching using a single word or even just a few letters to expand your search results.

Ad Hoc Field Search.PNG

 TIP  Want to find out more about an Ad Hoc field?

Here is a list of all Ad Hoc fields with a field description and location for each field.

Find Any Ad Hoc Field