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- Detention Tracker Training

The Detention Tracker tool is used to record time served for detention. This tool can be used to record time for an individual student or for multiple students.

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The Detention Tracker collects detention resolutions assigned on the student's Behavior Tab or theManagement Tool and allows users to manage detentions as they are served. This article describes how to enter detention served information for groups or individual students.

To appear in the detention tracker, the Behavior Resolution assigned to a student must have a subtype of "detention" set for the Resolution Type. The Detention Tracker is used to record detention served, not to enter new detention requirements. That is done on the student's Behavior Tab or the Management Tool


Entering Detention for a Group of Students

Records for detention served can be entered for all students in the list at once.

  1. Mark Present in the Detention Tracker Editor to automatically mark 'Present' for all students in the list. To remove students from the mass update, unmark the Present checkbox for those students.
  2. Enter a Date Served in mmddyyyy format or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting a date. This field defaults to the current date.
  3. Enter Start and End Time for the detention served record. If any of the students who have Present marked already have Start or End Times entered, the editor will not overwrite those fields and will insert values for any empty fields.
  4. Click Fill Empty to update all students who have the Present checkbox marked. The Detention Tracker record fields below will be updated to reflect the change. The record is not fully submitted until the Submit button is selected, which will refresh the Detention Tracker screen.

Entering Detention for Individual Students

Records for detention served can be entered for individuals using the Detention Tracker Editor by leaving only one student's name marked as Present.

  1. Mark the Present checkbox for the student who is serving detention. Once this checkbox is marked, Time and Comment fields will become editable.
  2. Enter a Start Time in standard or military time.
  3. Enter an End Time in standard or military time.
  4. Upon clicking or tabbing away from the Time fields, Hours Service and Remaining Hours will update automatically.
  5. Enter any Comments to be attached to the record.
  6. Changes to the record will be saved automatically. Select Submit to validate and save changes and update the student's Behavior tab.

Detention Tracker Record Fields

Present, Name and Grade columns are sortable by clicking the header row. The table is sorted automatically by student last name, or alphabetically/numerically depending on the column selected.

Field Name



Indicates that the student is present to serve detention. Marking this checkbox will enable other fields in the Detention Tracker to be editable.


Autopopulates with the student's last name and first name. 
Display only.


Autopopulates with the student's grade level, based on the student's most current enrollment
Display only.

Total Hours

The total number of hours of detention the student is required to serve, over all detention resolutions. 
Display only.

Start Time

The start time of this instance of the student serving detention. Times can be entered in standard or military time. 
Editable when Present is checked.

End Time

The end time of this instance of the student serving detention. A start time must be entered before an end time can be. Times can be entered in standard or military time. 
Editable when Present is checked.

Hours Served

Calculates based on the Start and End Time entered. 
Display only.

Remaining Hours

Calculates as the difference between Total Hours and Hours Served. If Hours Served is greater than Total Hours, this value will display as in red. 
Display only.


Any comments attached that should 
Editable when Present is checked.