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- Reducing SPAM

What's the Problem With SPAM?

SPAM now accounts for roughly 85% of all email sent over the internet.  SPAM is caused when advertisers flood the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services.


What is SPAM?

Wikipedia states that,

"Email SPAM is the practice of sending unwanted email messages, frequently with commercial content, in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients."  

In other words, SPAM is when you receive email from someone that should never have your email address in the first place.  Some users give out their email address when registering fat a website, or for product information, and then later confuse the emails they receive with actual SPAM, but they're not.  However annoying those emails might become, they are not really SPAM.

How our District Reduces SPAM while delivering your important emails

Protecting Your Email From SPAM

Here at SSFUSD, we use a product security product called Sonicwall, which is owned by Dell, to help guard agains SPAM, while still allowing all your actual email to be delivered to you.  This is a dificult task and we are always making ajustments to fine-tune the balance between too much 


Attention: Outlook Users



Have Your Say About SPAM

Wouldn't it be nice if the SPAM filter would listen to you and learn the emails you like and don't like?  Take a look at the Junk Button for Outlook.

Get the Junk Button for Outlook

Download Junk Button for Outlook

Using the Junk Button for Outlook



The SonicWALL ”Junk Button” for Outlook will let you quickly and easily remove Junk (spam or phishing) emails from your Outlook Inbox and let’s you benefit from millions of other users world-wide in blocking spam and phishing email. The Junk Button is installed as a plug-in to Outlook and starts up automatically when you start Outlook.

The Three Parts of the Junk Button

The SonicWALL Junk Button, as shown below, has three parts:

  1. Junk – This is the junk button, the functionality of which is described in the next section.

  2. SonicWALL ES – This selection brings you to the login page of your organization’s copy of SonicWALL Email Security. You must present your LDAP-based login credentials to be able to log in as a user to the system. Depending on the settings of the system as defined by the administrator, you will be able to log-in, change your personal allowed and blocked list, update your personal anti-spam aggressiveness and more. Please contact the SonicWALL Email Security administrator for more information.

  3. Help – The Help button brings you to this page.

How the Junk Button Works

The Junk Button is used to remove a spam e-mail message that inadvertently arrives in your inbox. Spam e-mail messages removed from your inbox using the Junk Button are placed in your “Deleted Items” folder.

Here’s how to use the Junk Button:

  1. A spam e-mail arrives in your inbox.

  2. Highlight the spam e-mail message by selecting it. 

  3. Press the SonicWALL “Junk” button.

  4. The spam message disappears from your inbox and is moved to your “Deleted Items” folder. 

Why the Junk Button is Really Cool

By using the SonicWALL Junk Button to remove spam from your inbox you are also helping block spam for your self, your organization and for everyone else using SonicWALL Anti-Spam and Email Security products. And everyone else is helping you – a community of over 3.5 Million users is helping to protect each other from spam, phishing, and even virus emails.

The SonicWALL GRID Network is at the core of collecting your “Junk vote”, parsing the spam email into its attributes and combining your vote with other sources to create and maintain a reputation of the different attributes of an email. These reputation updates are delivered back to your SonicWALL Email Security system every 5 minutes keeping your system up to date in blocking spam, phishing and virus emails.


Your Identity is Protected

When you use the SonicWALL Junk Button no personal information is ever sent to SonicWALL. For each email you identify as junk, we extract several different attributes; sending IP address, links, content, embedded, images, attachments and more. We then encode each attribute using a non-reversible hash and send the hashed value along with your junk vote to the SonicWALL GRID Network. We keep track of the values as hashes and never “unhash” them. In short, no personal information is ever transmitted to SonicWALL and SonicWALL has no way to obtain personal information from the information that is sent to us using the Junk Button.


Q: I accidentally used the Junk Button to remove a "good" message. What do I do now?

A: Open your “Deleted Items” folder and drag-and-drop the "good" message back into your Inbox.


Q: Will the Junk Button work with Outlook Express?

A: No, the Junk Button will only work as a plug-in to Outlook.


Q: How do I uninstall the "Junk Button for Outlook" plug-in?

A: You can use the “Add or Remove Programs” function in the Microsoft Control Panel. Please make sure that Outlook is NOT running at the time you remove the SonicWALL Junk Button for Outlook plug-in.