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South San Francisco Unified School District

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    Dear Buri Buri School Parent and Staff Community,

    We are currently experiencing a power outage at Buri Buri School due to fallen power poles in the neighborhood. PG&E estimates the issue to be repaired by this early afternoon, and will continue to work throughout the day to restore power as soon as possible.

    School will continue to be in session and is open for instruction as regularly scheduled. We will make adjustments as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

    Should any additional information come to our attention warranting changes to the schedule and operation of the school, we will be sure to notify you as soon as we are able.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Posted 1/17/19

    Giving the Gift of an Education and the Habit of Positive Attendance

    Dear SSFUSD Families,

    Are you planning a family trip for the holidays? As you think about your arrangements, we want to stress the importance of sending your child to school every day possible. Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after the winter holiday as families squeeze in a few more vacation days. It’s time to break that cycle. We know that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. This is as true in kindergarten as it is in high school. Put simply, too many absences at any age can affect a student’s chances for academic success and eventually for graduation.

    We recognize that holidays are an important time for reconnecting with families far away. The costs of plane tickets often influence when you want to travel. But keep in mind the costs to your children’s education if they miss too much school— and the message you will be sending about the importance of attendance. Even if you’ve got a homework packet from the teacher, it doesn’t make up for the interaction and learning that happens in the classroom. Our teachers will be teaching, and our students will be learning, right up until vacation starts and the first day back. You can help us convey that message. This holiday season, give your children the gift of an education and the habit of attendance.

    Click here for our statement about the Importance of Regular School Attendance
    Click here for our General Policy Statement on Student Attendance






    District Calendars

    Currently the five SSFUSD School Board of Trustees serve the community ‘at large’.

    Beginning in 2020, SSFUSD will be changing to five district areas with an elected Trustee for each area.

    At the January 17, 2019 Board meeting, a public hearing will be held regarding the two proposed area maps.

    Please see the detailed information on the maps below.

    Map Proposal 1

    Map Proposal 2

    The Board meeting will take place beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Baden High School gym, located at 825 Southwood Drive, South San Francisco.

    Posted 1/7/19

    ¡Bienvenidos de regreso y feliz año nuevo! Espero que cada uno de ustedes haya disfrutado las fiestas maravillosas con sus seres queridos.

    Hoy estoy llamando a ustedes para informarles sobre el cambio en el proceso de elección para la Junta Directiva del Distrito Escolar Unificado de South San Francisco.

    Corrientemente los cinco miembros de la Junta Directiva del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Sur San Francisco sirven a la  amplia comunidad. Empezando el dos mil veinte, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Sur San Francisco cambiará a cinco áreas en el distrito con un miembro elegido de cada área.

    El diecisiete de enero dos mil diecinueve la Junta Directiva tendrá una audiencia pública en relación a dos áreas propuestas del mapa.

    Localizado en nuestro sitio web encontrarán los mapas propuestos para las personas que están interesados en viendo cómo las áreas están delineado.

    La reunión de la Junta Directiva se llevara a partir a  las siete de la noche en el gimnasio de la escuela de Baden, ubicado en el ocho veinticinco Southwood Drive  en Sur San Francisco.

    Map Proposal 1

    Map Proposal 2

    Posted 1/6/19

    The South San Francisco Unified School District will be conducting a test of our emergency messaging system as follows:

    Monday, January 28, 2019 (5:30pm) All District Community, includes parents and staff

    As the safety of our students and staff continues to be our top priority, we will be conducting a test protocol of our emergency messaging system.  As part of any immediate action response to an emergency or crisis scenario, we understand the importance of clear and prompt communication with our students, parents, staff, and community. This system test will allow us to continue to improve our ability to utilize phone messages, email blasts, and text messages to deliver important information district-wide.

    Since our emergency messaging system is based upon contact information recorded in our student information database, it is important that we have accurate and updated information to ensure that messages can be delivered. Should you wish to add new contact information, or verify existing information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, please contact/visit your local school site office.

    Cell phone users who have a number on file with the district/school sites, may receive an SMS text message asking you to “opt in” to continue receiving messages by text. Please be sure to follow the instructions to opt in, as this is an important service utilized by our emergency messaging system.

    If you do not receive the test message as scheduled, please contact your local school site to verify the contact information on file.

    Broadcast tests will be conducted at least twice per school year to ensure the proper functioning of our system.

    El Distrito Escolar Unificado de South San Francisco realizara pruebas a nuestro sistema de mensajes urgentes y es como sigue:

    28 de enero del 2019 (5:30pm) toda la comunidad del Distrito, incluyendo padres de familia y  empleados

    Ya que la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y empleados siguen siendo nuestra prioridad, estamos iniciando un examen al protocolo de nuestro sistema de mensajes urgentes.  Como parte de cualquier respuesta a una emergencia de acción inmediata, o una situación crítica, entendemos la importancia de una comunicación clara y rápida con nuestros estudiantes, padres, empleados y comunidad. Esta prueba al sistema de comunicación nos permitirá seguir mejorando nuestra capacidad de mandar información importante a  todo el distrito, utilizando mensajes telefónicos, correo electrónico y mensajes de texto.

    Puesto que nuestro sistema de mensajes urgentes se basa en la información de contactos registrados en los archivos de nuestros estudiantes, es importante que tengamos información precisa y actualizada para asegurarnos que los mensajes serán recibidos. Asimismo si desea agregar nueva información a su lista de contactos, como números de teléfono y direcciones de correo electrónico, o verificar la información que ya existe,  por favor contacte/visite la oficina de su escuela local.

    Los archivos del Distrito/Escuelas que tengan usuarios con números de teléfonos celulares, puede recibir un mensaje de texto SMS pidiéndoles ( "opt in") aceptar  y continuar recibiendo mensajes de texto. Por favor asegúrese de seguir las instrucciones para “aceptar y continuar”, ya que la utilización de este servicio es muy importante en nuestro sistema de mensajes urgentes.

    Si no recibes el mensaje de prueba tal como está programado, póngase en contacto con su escuela local para verificar la información de sus contactos en el archivo del estudiante.

    La transmisión de estos mensajes se realizarán por lo menos dos veces durante el año escolar para garantizar el funcionamiento correcto de nuestro sistema de difusión.


    Posted 12/4/18

    Martin ES Students Advocate for Ruby Bridges Day

    In Honor of Ruby Bridges

    At the request of students from Martin Elementary School, the San Mateo County Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools adopted a resolution creating Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day in San Mateo County, to be honored annually on November 14.

    Ruby Bridges became a symbol of the civil rights movement at age six, when she was the youngest of a group of African American students designated to integrate schools in the American South. On November 14, 1960, her first day of school at William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, Ruby was escorted to school by four federal marshals and spent the entire day in the principal’s office as irate parents marched into the school to remove their children.

    You can learn more about Ruby Bridges and the Walk to School Day initiative sponsored by San Mateo County Office of Education’s Safe Routes to School program via the following link:


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    Our Vision & Mission

    In South San Francisco Unified School District, we pride ourselves on providing students with relevant learning EXPERIENCES, giving them opportunities to EXPLORE and cultivate innovation and collaboration. We will foster and EMBRACE diversity of people and diversity of thought, while pushing all students to EXCEL in order for them to grow into resilient and confident people.