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Improving Communications using SchoolMessenger

Some Creative Ideas for Getting More Out of SchoolMessenger


Be careful of "Message Fatigue." This is when parents and guardians tune out messages because they have received too many communications. To keep your audience engaged, aim to send no more than 2 messages per month.

There are hundreds of ways to use SchoolMessenger for communications between school and home. Here are just a few:



  • Progress report call outs

  • Homework & test reminders

  • Report-card mailing announcements

  • Honor Roll announcements

  • Registration notices

  • College Night reminders

School Calendar

  • Course Test Reminders

  • End of Quarter

  • End of Trimester

  • End of Semester

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Standardized Testing Reminders

  • Congratulatory messages

  • Immunization reminders

  • Open House / Back to School invitations

  • PTO & PTA reminders & invites

Community Involvement

  • Athletic announcements

  • Band announcements

  • Drama announcements

  • Other group announcements

  • Picture Day reminders

  • Field trip reminders

  • Bond/Levy Vote reminders

Disciplinary and Administrative

  • Attendance notifications

  • Tardy notifications

  • Wake-up calls ("Tardy Club")

  • Detention reminders

  • Meeting reminders

  • Overdue obligation reminders (lunch costs, library fees)

Safety & Logistics

  • Inclement weather announcements

  • Emergency broadcasts

  • School closures/early dismissal

School Events

  • Back to School Night

  • Open House

  • Minimum/Early Release Day


  • Attendance

  • Birthday Greetings

  • Weather Notifications

  • Holiday Reminders

  • Special Events

  • Volunteer Requests